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Lend an Ear: Jokes in Random Order and Ultra-Simple Branching

The past few weeks we have been working with the folks as the Mary Riley Styles Public Library in Falls Church, VA on creating their first project. The project centers around learning about the historic Cherry Hill Farm next door to the library, including the corn crib (photo above).

Random Dialog (with puns!)

Alongside the core history content, we were pleased to try out a random joke machine.

Unexpected dialogue can be a very engaging aspect of gameplay and branching dialog systems. Humor is used to draw in potential users and keep them engaged. Because the activity features a corn crib, all of the puns are corn themed.

Simpler for First Time Creators

We created what we call a “More, Next” model where the user can choose to learn more about the current topic or choose to move to a different one. Great for those new to Hive Mechanic as well as designing a branching activity.

More soon on the final activity, once Falls Church folks test it out…