Guides and Tutorials

STEP 1: Modality: Will you run a workshop for patrons/partners or build something yourself? Pick your modality. Read about how workshops can go. Then turn to tactics and tools:

1. Imagine what’s possible: See a few examples of successful games.

2. Narrative:
* Planning with post-its for a branching story (animated). Aim for Minimum Viable Joy (MVJ)!
* Tactics for engagement and recruiting: QR code inspirations and mini-tactics to boost engagement

3. Carving Time & Roles:
* Team formation and balancing responsibilities, including with Hive Mechanic
* Carving time and creating momentum
* Partnerships for new projects: Tips for Starting the Conversation, Planning, and Sustainability (coming soon!)

4. How to playtest your activity or story

5. Advanced/Open-Ended: Pick your Technology: Activities to “Bake Your Idea” in Three Steps. This thought exercise will help focus your idea, and turn it from good to great for our particular tools and the power of playful engagement.
(a) What does the editor look like? See sample images and a quick tutorial

(b) Basic certification and short video tutorials for using Hive Mechanic — including for changing text, adding cards, using phone numbers.

(c) Quick reference for the editor in Hive Mechanic: Card Dictionary Slides (includes editor tips); Card FAQ for frequent questions about the editor; annotated screenshot of the editor

(d) Power tools and sample code for Hive Mechanic: using the power template/Super Action Pack. Editor tips are located in the second half of the Card Dictionary Slides.

(e) Advanced examples: using the weather to choose your own adventure (and 3rd party services/APIs); data overview; audio overview.

(f) Physical Storytelling Box component assembly and fabrication ideas (evolving!). See also: minimal creation model (coming soon!).

Other Available Tutorials

Tips and Common Fixes (new page in tools/skills)

  • I created a card that somehow referenced itself and couldn’t get out of the loop
  • Auto-save? [tell them how to
  • Missing a card that you made? How to find it…
  • Are you suddenly not getting a response from your game? How to fix it… 
  • Is your game responding with the first message + the “unknown keyword” message? How to fix it…



Image won’t send?

  • Images sent through Hive must be less than a certain size – 5 MB specifically – due to a file size cap on Twilio. Make sure to deliberate about the image and gif file sizes you choose.