Carving Time and Creating Momentum

Pick a Launch Date Before You’re Ready

Put it on the calendar and ideally tie it to another public event which cannot be moved. Suggestions include city holiday events, seasonal events, public concerts or shows, etc. Hard deadlines can help prevent pushing the work back for other tasks.

Find Collaborators and Give Credit Before You’re Ready

Articulating a goal with a community partner or colleague can put the wheels in motion – and give social accountability for making progress. Giving each other credit (especially publicly) can be energizing and make a project start to feel real.

Schedule a Recurring Meeting (ideally weekly)

If the true scarcity is time, then putting a recurring meeting on the calendar may be more valuable than anything else. When you schedule with someone, it is also social accountability. If you don’t have anyone locally yet, consider a remote friend who is also trying to do a creative project regularly (e.g., Tuesday night create-something sessions on Zoom).

Focus on What Energizes You

Do Zoom calls not work, but phone calls do? Do lunch meetings of 30 minutes twice a week work better than an hour at night? Find a method that works best for you to move a project toward your goal. Many creative projects demand overtime and a healthy process can be essential.

Present at Conferences / Be a Leader

Unexpectedly, being a leader can create new time and support for a project. If you can brag that your project will be showcased at a valuable conference, you might also find extra motivation to polish your design. Similarly, sharing your idea online in places like LinkedIn or professional listservs can bring energy to an emerging design.