Workshop Types

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Our guess is that 75% of libraries will choose no or low-tech.

  1. Workshops for “non-tech” leaders and participants, who want to create an interactive story or game and can upload images (and not much more!). In this model, we might create a template activity for you, and your patrons/staff could pick the photos or audio content. You might have a volunteer lead the workshop, or you could nominate a promising librarian; either could receive the honorarium for their time.
  2. Workshops for “low-tech” folks, who are interested in more experimentation but still have no desire to write any code. This level might involve more branching stories and playful storytelling… but with drop-down menus.  It would not involve the Raspberry Pi tiny computers.  We would still provide templates for your content, plus more live coaching to help create original activities.
  3. Workshops with at least one “high-tech” leader with interest in a kiosk or Raspberry Pi. Most libraries will skip this – but others may want to explore with us. We would purchase hardware and ship to your library. We only recommend this kind of workshop (e.g., with physical buttons and Raspberry Pi installations) if you have someone on staff or have a lead volunteer with at least beginner experience in programming and a hands-on attitude to maker spaces and making things. 

Engagement and play

In all our workshops we recommend play as strategy for engagement. Remember that play is in all human cultures, and far predates technology. We will show how to structure playfulness (often different than games!) in activities and storytelling campaigns.