Inspiration: Kids hotline

A popular model is a call-in line with kids’ voices, advice and reflections. But why not try this for monuments, public art and local history too?

INSPIRATION: Advice from grade schoolers that was receiving 9,000 calls an hour. Articles include coverage in NYTimes and in the StarTribune. The PepToc hotline was created by artists Asherah Weiss and Jessica Martin.

After dialing 707-873-7862, callers are presented with a series of options: Those who are feeling “mad, frustrated or nervous” are instructed to press 1. For “words of encouragement and life advice” or “a pep talk from kindergartners,” dial 2 or 3. Press 4 “to hear kids laughing with delight,” or 5 for “encouragement in Spanish.”

– from the NYTimes article linked above

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Ms. Martin and Ms. Weiss say they were inspired by the artist Susan O’Malley, including her book “Advice From My 80-Year-Old Self: Real Words of Wisdom From People Ages 7 to 88” and her performance art series in which she and a friend gave pep talks in parks.

– NYTimes