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Conferences – see you there!

Catch us at one of these locations for our panels, demos of games and interactive stories, Q&A for library applicants, and just to say hi.

  1. American Library Association’s annual conference in Washington, DC. June 23-28, 2022. Come get a tour of the Makerspace at DC Public Library too, just a short walk from the venue.
  2. Games for Change Festival will be July 13-14 in NYC. We have a panel and will be running a networking session. The panel will be on July 14 at 1:45pm (“Place-based Games for Social Impact and Communities”) with Benjamin Stokes and Hazel Arroyo. Our networking session will also be on the 14th from 4:45-6:30pm for those interested in games tied physical neighborhoods and place-based communities.
  3. The Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC). October 5-9, 2022 in St. Pete Beach, Florida. We will have a presentation on Oct. 8 at 9am, led by Alexandra Genia and Victor Benitez of DC Public Library. Our session title is “Engaging Beyond Our Walls: Libraries as Hubs for Making Neighborhood Games and Storytelling.”
  4. ARSL, the Association of Rural and Small Libraries, will be in Chattanooga, TN, September 14-17, 2022. Our session will be first thing on the morning of September 17th, and is titled “Engaging Beyond Our Walls: Libraries as Hubs for Making Neighborhood Games & Outdoor Storytelling.” It will be led by David Quick of DCPL and Benjamin Stokes of AU.
  5. The Game Studies division of NCA, the National Communications Association, will be November 17-20, 2022 in New Orleans, LA. Our paper proposal went through peer review and is titled, “Embedding Playfulness in Place Together: Co-Design Uses and Gratifications across Three Neighborhood Games”