Audio in Hive Mechanic

Below we have collected a set of audio demos and projects tied to Hive Mechanic.


  1. Audio Scavenger Hunt for the Adams Morgan neighborhood. The player calls in at each location, and when they call back the system remembers where they are. Based on an original hunt that was text-based called Mural Mural. (Semi-private: contact us for the phone number.)
  2. Audio voice-over for the Black Feminist DC exhibit: featuring the voice of a person in the exhibit, who takes you on a personal tour while you are in the exhibit space. Read our case study of the project, including some audio clips. (We can also provide a phone number for the main exhibit to try the direct line upon request.)

Make one yourself!

Sample card configurations

You can send an audio file (via MMS), which is a different way to provide audio from texting a link:

If you want to just gather touch tone input:

If you want to receive voice input AND touch-tone at the same time, here is one example of the two cards you will need:

(The speech timeout of “3” means that it will wait for three seconds of silence before trying to identify what you’ve said.)

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