Basic certification in using Hive Mechanic

Anyone can make a game with Hive Mechanic once they’ve completed these basic skills (under 30 minutes):

  1. Try a demo like “Text with a Sculpture”
  2. Basic editing — see tutorial video (2 minutes)
    • Start a sequence
    • Add a new card
    • Link cards together
  3. Organizing the starting point — see tutorial video (3 minutes)
    • Change the starting card
    • Set an “interrupt” keyword
    • Reorder your sequences
  4. Adding content — see tutorial video (2 minutes)
    • Upload photos (and multimedia like sound, video, even PDF)
    • Sending a photo or media
    • Sending links (and what they look like on a phone)
  5. Menus and Interactivity — see tutorial video (2 minutes)
    • Sending a menu of options
    • Receiving incoming responses
    • Routing participants according to their responses
    • Handling unexpected input
  6. Publishing and Catching Errors — see tutorial video (2 minutes)
    • Using a phone number
    • Saving with error messages
    • Reset the activity/stop old sessions
  7. Multiple starting points for participants — see tutorial video (2 minutes)
    • Generating QR codes for text messages
    • Using interrupts with QR codes

Quick Reference

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