Strategy Videos for DIY Workshops

When you run a workshop (see overview of workshops), these strategy videos may be helpful to show patrons (or for patrons to reference on their own). They are excerpts of our training videos from the fall of 2022. If you can think of other excerpts that would be useful, let us know!

Related videos: see also our tool videos for using Hive Mechanic.

DIY Workshop Tips

This 16-minute overview is intended to be watched before you put on your very own workshop. It sort of acts as a companion piece to the workshop templates and suggestions accessible through our program.


A short 7-minute talk on how genre of a game impacts expectations of your audience and can fuel creativity in your activity or game.

Game Types

A quick 1-minute explanation on potential different game types you can make for your project.

Creativity and Genre – Brainstorm

A 13-minute brainstorm example from our Fall 2022 cohort. This brainstorm focused on possible genres and how they can affect building an activity and included additional information on how to use genre.

Giving a Voice to Your Activity

This 8-minute brainstorming example was part of a session focusing on creating a personality for the narrator of an activity. This brainstorm shows potential things to think about when creating a personality and how it can affect the experience of your audience.

Using and Creating QR Codes

This 7-minute sample showcase highlights one our our QR code resources and shows how QR codes can be used in various ways to excite the initial interaction with an activity.

Collaboration on Google Slides

A 5-minute talk focusing on how we have used google slides in past projects to collaboratively work on content without having to constantly meet in person.

Using Hive Mechanic at DCPL

A 20-minute talk from David Quick of DC’s Public Library system joined to talk through the experience of creating Tour de DCPL with Hive Mechanic

Basic Certification in Hive Mechanic

This is a 15-minute demo walk through our our Basic Certification for Hive Mechanic. This quick introduction is intended to be followed by a patron using Hive Mechanic themselves while being guided by EBOW staff or a trained librarian.

Super Action Pack

This 8-minute showcase introduces our Super Action Pack template on Hive Mechanic. It highlights a few key features advanced users of Hive Mechanic might be interested in exploring.

Social Media and Hive Mechanic

This 6-minute talk explores the relationship of Hive Mechanic to Social Media and how they can work together, and more importantly how they are different.


This 11-minute talk help explain the process of playtesting, why playtesting is important, and suggestions on best playtesting practices.

Script Template and Use in Playtesting

This 4-minute showcase visualizes how we suggest writing scrips in Google Docs. We explore an example from one of our initial regional cohort members and the benefits it brought them.